Gnosis SAFE Airdrop Claim

The 1inch DAO Treasury is eligible for a Gnosis SafeDAO airdrop of 10,128.65 SAFE (5,103.86 of which is immediately available, and 5,034.79 vests over the next 4 years).

I am working on a proposal to claim this SAFE, however, part of the claim process involves delegating our voting power and calls for community input:

Self Delegation

The 1inch DAO can choose to delegate their voting power to the 1inch DAO treasury. A drawback to this approach is that we’d need to vote in the 1inch DAO on any SafeDAO proposal that we want to participate in – we’d essentially be adding a new category of metagovernance proposals that could serve to clutter our proposal process.

Additionally, if the SafeDAO voting process is shorter than 1inch DAO’s, then it could prove to be impossible to trustlessly vote using the 1inch DAO’s SAFE.

Third Party Delegation

That brings us to third-party delegation. We can either delegate to one of 74 the recognized Safe Guardians, or anyone else who commits to actively participating on behalf of 1inch DAO.

On the topic of third-party delegation, @0xBaer has put the DAOplomats.eth project forward as a candidate to receive the DAO’s delegation. In the interest of full disclosure, 0xBaer is a member of this group and this group is also being brought onboard the 1inch DAO as recognized delegates.

I personally believe that DAOplomats would do a great job in representing 1inch DAO’s interests but let’s use this thread to come to a rough consensus regarding who we should delegate our SAFE voting power to.


StableNode would also like to put ourselves forward as recipients of SAFE tokens to act as a delegate at SafeDAO. We missed the deadline to become a guardian but will participate as a delegate within the SAFE ecosystem, using our experience to help improve governance processes.

Check out our delegate application thread to see our experience in other DAOs. We are one of the most active professional delegate teams within the space and have demonstrated that with our commitment to various protocols.

Amongst some of the accolades mentioned within our delegate thread, we also participate in a DeFi Working Groups Grants Committee within Optimism.

We have also onboarded two new governance analysts who will be able to support our work in providing high-quality services to 1inch, Safe, and others.


Hey @RoundElephant, thank you for the initiative, I think, DAOplomats.eth, with its DAO background, is in a good position for the delegation. Delegating to small and emerging meta-governance groups will strengthen the decentralisation of Safe DAO. we currently have a voting power of 3.3K delegated and are expected to have a total of 45K if all the Guilds ('sub DAOs) of BanklessDAO delegate to us.


Upon further discussion, StableNode and DAOplamats have decided that the team with the least SAFE delegation on Monday will receive the SAFE delegation from 1inch DAO.

We will follow up with a post on Monday to announce our delegated SAFE amounts so we can move forward.


I think that is a great solution – it maximizes the decentralization of the SAFE governance by allotting our voting power to the smaller participant. Thanks for working together on that one!

I’ll post the formalized RFC on Monday so we can commence with the temperature check next week.

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I have posted the phase-2 IRC – [1RC] 1inch DAO SAFE Airdrop Claim.

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