Fund the development of a python library for the limit order protocol

I would like to propose that the DAO funds the development of a python library aimed at interacting with the 1inch limit order protocol (API and smart contracts). This could be funded via gitcoin, and can likely be done for a fairly modest amount of money (by DAO treasury standards).

There are currently an extensive set of tools in javascript that allows users to easily create, edit and fill limit orders. There are no such tools for python (beyond an example for posting basic limit orders put together by @Belac).

Any easy to use library will bring further users to the 1inch ecosystem, benefiting the DAO and other 1inch users.

Disclaimer: I am the creator of, a library for interacting with the Aggregation Protocol, but I have no intention of completing the work myself as it is beyond my technical abilities.


I think this is an awesome idea. However, I’m not a developer, so I have no gauge of how large of an effort this is or how much it would cost the 1inch DAO.

Since we’ll likely need to pay the developer some funds upfront, it is critical to make sure that we get the right person. Are you proposing that the DAO uses Gitcoin’s bounties platform to vet potential applicants?

Thanks @RoundElephant - by my estimation it is a decent, but not excessive amount of effort required. For context, creating a wrapper around the aggregation api took me about 20 hours of work.
The limit order tools will take a bit more, because the processing is a bit more complicated than just calling an API and processing the resultant data. But essentially it is a case of porting the existing tools in Javascript (available here), into Python. I don’t have any experience with Gitcoin myself, but it seems like the best match for getting this kind of work done.

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