Forum Migration Temperature Check

Hey 1inch DAO members! We’re trying to gauge the community’s feelings on migrating the official 1inch DAO governance forum from Discourse (this platform) to Commonwealth.

Commonwealth describes itself as “a governance and community management protocol. The protocol enables users to claim and govern their communities. Anyone can create a community, link their governance methodology, and discuss the future of their specific community.” You can read details from their documentation site.

Here are some examples of some other blockchain projects that use Commonwealth to coordinate their community and goverannce efforts:

Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts.


I work as the operations lead for Element Finance DAO, where we use Commonwealth, so I have a few thoughts from personal experiences.


  1. Easier to navigate compared to discourse
  2. Topics & Stages simplify the workflow in staying up-to-date
  3. Snapshot integration and breakdown of votes
  4. Can be integrated with Karma
  5. Cleaner UI - easy to find the necessary links
  6. Webhooks are easy to set up.


  1. It takes a while to get familiar with the commonwealth
  2. It does not tackle the notification problem as effectively - You still have to check commonwealth every day
  3. Somewhat buggy - few of us noticed that forum posts won’t always load, but the frequency has reduced over the past month or so
  4. Not a big fan of the “reply” function - I think they can make it a bit cleaner.

Thanks, that’s valuable feedback Bobbay!

The laser focus on the web3 space, and more specifically, the Snapshot integration, are what have me the most excited about Commonwealth. It seems like we could really cut down on the amount of different platforms that we need to send people to in order to participate in 1inch governance.

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We don’t have more alternatives ?

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I think Discourse and Commonwealth are the only two governance forum platforms with real traction. Totally open to hear other ideas though. Do you have a different one in mind?

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AFAIK commonwealth and discourse are the main ones.

One drawback I recently found about commonwealth is the difficulty to implement some external tools.
ENS implemented a useful tool at the top of their forum from Karma, but this is not applicable in Commonwealth.

If the commonwealth team built this themselves then it would be fine, but its relying on them to actually build it.

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