Feature request: use single token for providing LP

Legacy 1inch had this feature and personally I found it extremely useful. Taking into account high gas prices lack of this feature could become showstopper for smaller LPs.


i agree, there are many things that can be improved. ill try to draw up a list soon

@elderorb Can you elaborate? Are you proposing to create a single token that would represent a claim to the assets of pool A and the assets to pool B?

not sure it is possible because at the end of the day, lps are done with certain tokens and you cant make an eth token into a dai token without having to exchange it and pay for all the fees. i beleive the best way would be to create more pairs for liquidity to be used for 1inch farming…give everyone a chance to earn 1inch, no matter what token they have… think BAO.finance. i mean, this is an exchange where we help people get all the tokens they need right? so why not let them stake their tokens they just trade from our amm into the 1inch ecosystem and get a reward for it too?


lets make it happen… lets create a new standard for replacing UNI V, maybe call it INCHED? Dai-INCHED USDT-INCHED BADGER-INCHED? There are so many things that 1inch could accomplish and become the best most all around token exchange, dapp, and a bunch of other awesome features that i would love to see 1inch showcase. We could have the most badass exchange out there. i need to get in touch with any 1inch developers, admins, and the most hardcore 1inch supporters out there to create a chat in which i can talk and propose ideas to. i understand we have this dao thing but i dont believe that 100% of the users are all die hard fans. so maybe we should also go by the reputation of 1inch stakers/holders/forum participators? like the ones that are active and showing true interest can all talk and figure out what to work on, what to propose or present, and how best to make sure its voted on fairly and works for the entire ethereum ecosystem.

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For example I have ETH and want to provide liquidity into ETH/DAI. In legacy 1inch it was possible to use just ETH - smart contract would split it in right proportions (by exchanging part of ETH to DAI) and provide liquidity in a single action.

I follow, I can confirm I also didn’t find the option to do a single sided token deposit in an liquidity pool.

There is a way to provide a single token for liquidity. Say you provide 5 ETH to the ETH/DAI LP @ an initial price (IP) of 2000 DAI = 1 ETH.

When providing ETH for liquidity, the UI would need to provide a way for the user to enter a Target Price (TP). The TP would be used to determine when the position would become a 50/50 distribution and also determine the number of LP tokens that the liquidity provider owns.

Just ask if you need a full example to how this would work… Got a call

I have seen such functionality on flamingo based product & it’s Automated

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