Farming end date

Hey there,

What will happen when the end date of my farming is reached?
I have LP token in 1INCH-BNB.
Start date 25 Feb 2021 21:02 UTC
End date 22 Apr 2021 21:02 UTC

What will happen 22 April?

  1. Should I claim my reward before that date?
  2. Will my reward be lost after that date if I don’t claim it?
  3. Can I withdraw my LP token after that date or should I do it before?
  4. Will the end date automatically be extended?
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Some farms were extended

  1. no need to claim before the end, or after, there is no time limit on the claim time
  2. no
  3. you can withdraw at anytime
  4. Not automatically, but please do watch for any updates on extensions on farms.

Thank you @Belac for your reply