Failed transaction

I just attempted to do a swap inside of MyEtherWallet using 1INCH, and had the swap fail with this message showing in the transaction record on Etherscan:

Fail with error ‘Return amount is not enough’

I have no idea what that means. The wallet contains 100% of the coins specified in the swap, along with plenty of ETH to cover fees.

The swap failed and the transaction “reverted”, but the ginormous gas fees of .05524xx ETH ($91.00) apparently vanished along with the swap. If fees were a few bucks, it would be no big deal, but $91 went up in smoke for no apparent reason? Unacceptable.

Anyone have any idea why this error message would come up and the swap not go thru? Any way to recover the gas fees?

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Please try to increase the slippage tolerance to the higher one, maybe you can try using 3% or 5%.

Same exact problem here. All balances correct and suddenly “transaction fail” but 90 gas fee gone with it. And now the price for the token I wanted to swap has gone up, too. What the §%&""§§!
Noone, exactly noone warned me this could happen. This is not OK. Anyone know if this can happen on other DEX as well?

Yes it will happen, so you can read my reply here

I have already read your reply (no need to repeat it!) and it didn’t help me because it came too late. No issues on my side though: I will never ever use 1inch again. Future problems solved.

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