EtherPunk 2021 | ETH India & Devfolio

The stakes have never been higher. ETH 2.0 is live with promise of higher throughput, making a decentralized future close than ever.

EtherPunk, A global Ethereum hackathon, is a call to arms brining thousands of developers together to innovate and build dapps. Eligibility for $1000’s in bounties will be determined by the sponsors. Anyone around the world can participate, in teams of at least 2 members minimum. And, It’s completely free to participate. Registration ends Feb 1st, so you better hurry!


Past sessions

Jan 29th

  • 8pm IST: Social Crypto

  • Feb 1st

  • 8pm IST: Bitconomy Workshop

  • Feb 3rd

  • 8pm IST: UniLend Finance AMA

  • Feb 5th

  • 8pm IST: DEFI

  • A list of 1inch bounties

    1. A Twitter bot that shows how much a user could save trading on 1inch, opposed to trading directly on a DEX – $2000 in 1INCH token.

    2. A liquidity protocol stake delegation contract – $2000 in 1INCH token.

    3. A pool simulator for pool settings (backtesting) + visualization of earnings and volumes – $2000 in 1INCH token.

    Relavent links:

    Register here

    Devfolio Discord

    EthIndia Telegram

    1inch Exchange updates

    1inch Exchange twitter

    1inch Exchange Youtube

    1inch Hackathon Group on telegram

    1inch Discord Group

    1inch Telgram Group

    1inch API

    1inch DOCS

    1inch Github


    EtherPunk 2021 | Devfolio - list of submissions

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