ETHDenver & ColoradoJam 2021

ETHDenver with ColoradoJam have a #BUIDLATHON happening right now! This competition is hoping to bring diverse creativity together around a common purpose.

This event is meant to empower participants to shape the new world of distributed computing. Empowering contestants to shape the world while also cementing the Rocky Mountain region as a hub for Ethereum blockchain innovation. This completely virtual hackathon is happening between Feb 5th - 12, 2021 and sign ups end the 31st of January.
A list of bounties offered by 1inch can be found here.


Thu, FEB 4th

  • 3PM-8PM MST: ColoradoJam & Sponsor Bounty Presentations
  • Varying : Team Formation Icebreaker Sessions

  • Daily, FEB 5th-11

  • 24hrs: #BUIDLer Support All Week Long
  • TBA: Virtual Experiences

  • Fri, FEB 5th

  • 9am MST: Jam/#BUIDLathon Begins
  • 9am-11am MST: Opening Ceremonies
  • 11am-1pm MST: Virtual Castel Open
  • 11am-5pm MST: Technical Workshops Day1

  • FEB6-7th

  • 9am-5pm MST: Technical Workshops Day 2-3
  • Various times: Vritual Castel Open
  • 5pm-7pm MST: Daily Fun Community Events

  • FEB 8-11

  • 9am-5pm MST: Panels & Talks Days 4-7
  • 5pm-7pm MST: Daily FUn Community Events

  • Fri, FEB 12th

  • 9am MST: Jam/#BUIDLathon Project Submission Deadline
  • 10am-3am MST: Judging & Project Demo Day
  • 4pm-6pm MST: Closing Ceremonies & Awards
  • 6pm-8pm MST: Closing Party & VR Concert

  • Relavent links:

    ETHDenver Devfolio

    ETHDenver Official Site

    ETHDenver Discord

    ETHDenver Telegram

    ETHDenver Medium

    1inch Exchange updates

    1inch Exchange twitter

    1inch Exchange Youtube

    1inch Hackathon Group on telegram

    1inch Discord Group

    1inch Telgram Group

    1inch API

    1inch DOCS

    1inch Github


    Upd. Check our bounties here:


    (1inch workshop update)

    In half an hour, there will be a workshop by Kirill Kuznetsov (@krboktv ) & Petr Korolev (@skywinder)
    “Dive into the 1Inch API.”

    :grey_exclamation: Hidden BONUS: The authors of the best 3 questions will receive our limited ethdenver-styled & tokenized 1inch t-shirts! :fire:

    Livestream is available by link:

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