[ Discussion Panel ] Making 1inch Tokens ULTRA - USEFUL!

Thinking to Run a Community Poll Before Stage - 2 to sort the Best One out of these


But this Needs to Be done ASAP . We need more Suggestion from 1inch Users !

At the Moment I don’t even know if it’s even worth doing Stage - 2 at this moment as Discussion Participation is Still very Low .


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I think we need first Stage-2 proposal
because we don’t know what we can do
trust 1inch community,only do it.
I like No.4 No.5 No.6 No.7
others are good,but difficulty for now!


Ok, I like those all


I’m thinking to join 6 & 7th Points together

& Bumping an Old Post to add some points from them .


Only do it on LOP and make LOP big


[1IP-1] Proposal : 1inch Trading Incentives - Discount , Swap Fee & Slippage Subsidies

Stage 2 Initiated Including -

  1. Rewarding Stakers of 1inch for Prolong Staking :trophy:
  2. Trading Incentives - Cashbacks , Gas Fee & Slippage Subsidies :mahjong:

Currently I’m Thinking about a Second Proposal about Pools & Staking System & Also a Community engagement rewards system … :hugs:

Founders Said it’s difficult to verify the user that will be rewarded . So , I’m trying a Way to make it happen . Trying some logics & will share it soon here once i get it done & finished for further on to Stage - 2

I’d be much more in favor of a system that incentivizes knowledgeable Uniswap community members to participate

Something like tip.cc could be used to tip community members who consistently go above & beyond to help out people who are asking questions

There needs to be a careful consideration before implementing a reward system like this because of varying amounts of effort required

Ideas -

Quantstamp (QSP): To incentivize community engagement, contributions, and new user acquisition, Quantstamp utilized their “Proof of Care” campaign. Quantstamp quantified users’ engagement based on an equation tracking “active project contribution + community involvement + wallet tracking algorithm + history of support.” Users received “POC” scores based on their engagement, and were rewarded tokens proportional to score.


I’m proud of you! thanks


The 1st Feature in the Post Still have Flaws where a user can exploit by using multi addresses so we need a Sybil resistant system ( 1 person one vote even if he hold multiple eth addresses )


Main Argument Against this Approach was that user will have to face a large gas fee for such Txn to commence .

  • I think people care more about easy things & Hassle - Free Functions rather than gas fee which is evident why people Use to trade on UNISWAP even when 1inch provide them the cheapest rates thro their DEX .

So , Keeping ‘Fee’ as the main component against the Feature might not be good idea When it provides a quick solution to a mainstream problem . Also on Side Chains like Polygon & L2 Layers i think this feature can actually become more convenient for DEFI users .


but why need Coin Conversion? 1inch become a index? or fund?

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Let’s say you received 5 1inch Tokens from 1inch governance rewards after claiming .

Now , I don’t want 1inch tokens instead i want instant convertibility of my 5 1inch Tokens directly to my favorite tokens .


So Instead of doing Total 3 - 4 Txns : Approving + Confirming each time

Approve 1inch - Swap 1inch to AAVE or even send this eth to another ETH address
Approve 1inch - Swap 1inch to BNB

The IMC will do it All this with 1 click . This make stuff easy & saves time & that’s the sole purpose . Ofcourse , I used 2 tokens as an example to show but you can actually convert 1inch into 2 - 5 - even more tokens at once with few clicks rather than wasting 10 minutes on it . That’s the idea behind its implementation


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Feature’s Live on a DEFI project ! Pretty Similar to Binance Dust Conversion to BNB



In my opinion, first of all, we need to improve the function of 1inch.


Hey, if ideas on this forum are implemented, is the person who came up with the idea compensated in any way?

Should I create a separate topic for this idea? And create the post in a proposal format?

We are a community. If necessary, we can propose to give token reward to the proposer of the bill.

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Yes You Guys are Right . That’s the 1st thing I actually wanted to do .

I think Before Opening a New Proposal on Snapshot , There are few more things that have to be taken care of first . Like

  • Adding Live Feed of Active Snapshots which will include : Total Votes + Days Left

  • Adding Live Feed Directly to 1inch DEX & iOS App

  • Adding [ Stage - 3 ] Proposal Voting Stats on 1inch DEX UI/UX

  • Adding some sort of XP/Trust Level System for Specific Addresses that hold 1inch & Vote in Maximum Snapshot Proposals

  • [Optional] Random 1inch Rewards after a Snapshot Ends i.e.

  1. 2 Random Top 10 Voting Address will get >=20 1inch Tokens as reward
  2. 4 Random Snapshot Address will get 4 1inch Token each (Excluding Top 10)

These are just few things that can actually increase the user participation in Governance + will also increase the fair 1inch distribution


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