[ Discussion Panel ] Making 1inch Tokens ULTRA - USEFUL!

Thanks bro! So many goood ideas!

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Decentralized 1inch SIP :cocktail:

SPP (Systematic Purchase Plan) SPP is similar to a conventional Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), except that SPP has been crafted for Crypto investments .

Working -

So Let us Say , We have 500$ in our Wallet & We wanna buy 1inch but Not All at once instead on daily basis , Hrly , monthly , Weekly etc …

The Role of SIP is just to buy 1inch tokens on Regular Interval of Times in an Automatic & Decentralized way .

The Idea is better to be Applied on Low Gas fee Chains like Matic etc.
This Can also be Incentivized .
This will not only increase 1inch Token Hodlers but will also Reduce the Risks of Market Volatility .


These are all such amazing ideas!

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Master Quest & Rewards | MQR :chocolate_bar:

Huge Problem lying on 1inch LP’s Right Now because there is no reward & most important there is no engagements provided as of now to do it .

For Example on Binance we complete Trading Tasks & open some rewards whether it’s the discount in trading fee etc.

1inch Can also provide the same .

Like Daily , Weekly , Monthly Quests & Providing some level up on that basis of that to provide some swap fee reduction & many other excess functionalities or even a learning program or NFTs . We can also Deploy a reset of those quests & levels choosen by Governance Voting like in 6 Months all Quests will reset & start fresh Again .



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PathFinder’s Arbitrage Bot -

Source - Link

Using Pathfinder Algo to make an Arbitrage Bot B/W CEX & DEX or Cross Chain

Generating more rewards from arbitrage for Prolong Staking & LP Providers


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5 / FIVE / V

I’m not sure exactly how 1Inch token economics work. Max supply, the percent that is used for rewarding stakers, 1inch allocated for farming projects, etc. However, I have several ideas that would allow 1Inch tokens to be burned or returned to the 1Inch team to be used for continuing the distribution of 1Inch tokens.

My thoughts on the DeFi space as a whole is that once the distribution of their underlying governance token is finished (no more protocol tokens to distribute), then the protocol will also come to an end. My idea is for 1Inch to not “burn” tokens, but recycle 1Inch tokens in a way to where the distribution of 1Inch tokens never ends. Its the same concept with Bitcoin. Miners receive the distribution of newly minted Bitcoin until 2140. The distribution continually decreases over time until Bitcoin emissions stop, but by that time, hopefully, Bitcoin blocks will be at 100% utilization to where the transaction fees will be able to support miners.

When trading on 1Inch, traders don’t always use 1Inch’s liquidity. Trades that take place without using 1Inch’s liquidity should incur a fee. This fee could be paid in 1Inch, which would mean that traders would have to acquire 1Inch to use 1Inch’s exchange/swap feature. The fee would also give 1Inch liquidity providers more trading volume, due to making it more expensive to trade on other protocols.

What should be done in regards to burning/recycling 1Inch tokens?

  • Burn 1Inch tokens.
  • Recycle 1Inch tokens for a never-ending distribution model.
  • Recycle 1Inch tokens for another use.
  • No need to burn or recycle 1Inch tokens.
  • Other

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Anton already said that Burning was taken down for the reason to only benefit Gov. Stakers .

Also the Recycling of 1inch Tokens sounds more like Rebuying which they currently doing EveryWeek for Gov. Stakers .

Rebuying > Burning . For a Finite Supply Token like ‘1inch’ I think Rebuying could be the Best Option instead of Regular Burnings as Rebuying 1inch from the Market & giving them back to 1inch Gov. Hodlers will enable a more decentralized Effort in Proposal Votings .[Extra APY rewards for those who vote actively in Governance rather than sitting idle]

Although I’m not against burning the tokens as it can be done to reduce the Amount from like 1.5b to 1billion after full governance as it costs nothing to compete with peers .

About Bitcoin . There is no smart contract so rebuying system can’t be implemented where 1inch contracts can rebuy even after 4 years of full distribution & can keep doing it . Although 1 thing that can be changed is the frequency of rebuying or may be looking out for more sources for fee generation as currently 1inch Surplus fee is the only major way for 1inch to buyback .

In Short , We need more products to enhance the Rebuy/BuyBack of 1inch from market

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New Idea

Create a node for Ethereum miners to connect to the 1Inch mining pool. Set up the node to allow only 1Inch transactions at a 1 - 5 gas fee. Miners on the 1Inch pool will miss out on transaction fees, but can be reimbursed with 1Inch tokens.

This will reduce the cost of interacting with the 1Inch protocol and make it incredibly more profitable for both traders and liquidity providers. It would make 1Inch the first protocol to implement ANYTHING like this. To get miners onboard, 1Inch could buy hashrate from Nicehash and point the hashing power to the 1Inch pool (1Inch mining distribution would go back into the protocol). And if the mining rewards are high enough, the 1Inch team could contact mining calculator sites like whattomine.com and show them the distribution models so that it could be added to their website profitability calculators.

The idea came to me when I was looking at how many 1 gas fee transactions I kept seeing on block explorers. These 1 gas fee transactions were the mining pools paying out miners within the pool.

It sounds pretty far fetched, but I think without an ETH 2.0 launch, this is what would be needed to scale projects.


Problem is that those 1inch Tokens have to come from Somewhere 1st , Let it be from Surplus fee or something else , Which can be distributed to miners as such .

Also i think it might need a bit of additional work to keep in mind about whale dumping & manipulation too .

Still a :ok_hand: Idea …

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Snapshot is Ready !!

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Now we can propose that we vote in Dao

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Guys We can make a 1inch DAO governance process!

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Yes ! Good Timing … I’ll Be Submitting it to STAGE 2 :ok_hand:


That is great! I will appeal for your support!

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Bro,what proposal you will do first? all these are great!

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Thinking to Run a Community Poll Before Stage - 2 to sort the Best One out of these

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But this Needs to Be done ASAP . We need more Suggestion from 1inch Users !

At the Moment I don’t even know if it’s even worth doing Stage - 2 at this moment as Discussion Participation is Still very Low .


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I think we need first Stage-2 proposal
because we don’t know what we can do
trust 1inch community,only do it.
I like No.4 No.5 No.6 No.7
others are good,but difficulty for now!


Ok, I like those all