[ Discussion Panel ] Making 1inch Tokens ULTRA - USEFUL!

@Philonggtvt Thankyou for your kind words ; )

I just Submitted a Proposal of including El - Salvador Hype to 1INCH . I think 1INCH foundation should announce something to ignite the fire


We need heat. We’ve reached No. 121…

Further : Native & Cross-Chain Advanced Leverage & Options Aggregation Mechanics

  1. This Includes Multiple Lending Provider Like Comp , Aave etc .
  2. Doing flash loans and A liquidation save bot.
  3. Stop Loss & TP
  4. Interest Bearing Options where underlying assets can compound interest



i dont think developers are aware of the forum ;(


they mean we need to ask the developers.


I’m Thinking to Put up a Proposal on a Reward Managment System

It will help in Fair Distribution of 1INCH rewards & may have various benefits to 1INCH ecosystem like -

  • 1INCH don’t even need to push any updates about governance etc. as people will be automatically liable to complete task to claim rewards .

  • Various intrinsic task can be inbuilt like Providing X amount of liquidty or Swapping X times on 1INCH per M/D/W to claim rewards which inturn may increase usage of 1INCH DEX turning normal user to use 1INCH Dex more

  • All Tasks will be On - Chain like Either Vote in Instant Governance or Vote in Snapshot Voting . Thus a Huge Boost in Governance Participation of Users that Are Active

# Reward Management System || 1 - Yes , 2 - Nothing
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  • 2

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I know EPNS (Eth push notification system) isn’t what most of us hoped but I could maybe be utilized. However orbs network has similar functionality cases implemented that might be even better.

They can send push notifications when pools reach certain thresholds, when your collatoral on aave is low and in danger of liquidation , etc.

I could create an example on both. Also someone mentioned a mining pool for 1inch.

I have dedicated servers all over that could run a pool for sure. Or any other infrastructure and app we need. I’m a Linux nerd. Utilize me.

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Looks like it’s live on front UI

i’m very grateful to the community for voting . Hope Everyone doing great .

Now , The Feature that i should Propose is a Copy Trading Feature . It’s inevitable & we can emrace faster & add 1inch tokens for this purpose where the amount of copy trading will be 1/10th of the investment amount .

So for example if somebody invests in 1000$ in copy trading he has to hold 1/10th of this in 1inch tokens i.e. 100$ in 1inch .

Also Mean.finance also debuted with a DCA mechanism which i think 1inch can use on buybacks .

1inch PRO will be live anytime soon & such feature can greatly enhance 1inch position as it routes most of the liquidity with best rates .


The whole Post is updated as @RoundElephant said

a bunch of great ideas here but they seem to constantly get buried in Megathreads with a dozen conversations going on at once.

I’ve completely updated the whole Post for a normal user to review & add in any feature that he see potential in .


I’ve Disclosed a Strategy

to Convert the Tokens into 1inch in a Gasless Manner . The only time the user will pay gas is when he tries to Claim it thro Governance Staking pool .

This Method might even increase the Tokens Pooled in Staking for various Purposes like If someday 1INCH trading Strategy is Deployed on Treasury . The Staking users will be given a Share from the profit directly . It will be very benefical to those who regularly Trade on 1inch DEX & convert their leftovers Directly to 1inch & now earning interest on top of it too with this conversion.

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  1. Fear and Greed Index .

An option to Auto pilot to buy low levels When FGI hits its lowest in a Range 10

  • Fully Customized Capital Allocation
  • Similar to SIP/DCA
  • Auto buy Frequency customization

This type of Option can be done in 1inch pro similar to mean finance DCA b0t

Popular Traders Leaderboard Showoff/ 1inch LOP Trades can be boosted by using this .

We can add social profile link & Gamification

  1. 1inch bonds issued utilizing 1inch trading strategy & Treasury

Concept -


The approach to these new financial vehicles is made possible through the ERC-3475 token standard. It introduces independent functions to read, transfer a collection of bonds, and have bonds redeemable from the bond issuer. That latter option will only be possible if specific conditions have been met. Leveraging blockchain technology for the bonds industry introduces new opportunities that would otherwise not be accessible.

An extra benefit of ERC-3475 is how it enhances the traditional liquidity provider tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. More specifically, it can replace the ERC-20 token standard by supporting additional data and logic forms. As a result, a more advanced version of LP tokens can prove beneficial to DeFi-oriented projects and services and help enhance reward systems or even introduce new ideas.

New functions built in ERC-3475 Multiple Callable Bonds Standard, will allow the users to economize their gas fee spend. Trading and burning of ERC-3475 Bonds will also multiply tokens market cap, helping it to recover from recession period(1). Existing structures, such as AMM exchanges or lending platform can be updated to recognize ERC-3475 Bonds

Strategy -

  1. Issue 1inch Bonds [ 6Month , 1Year etc. ]
  2. Allocate x% of treasury earnings to support the APY for these bonds
  3. Bond allows investors to earn interest on their money without selling any assets [ $1inch ]
  4. Option to redeem APY upfront weekly or only at the MAturity of bond [ Higher Return ]

Advantage :

The advantage of Decentralized Bonds is that they allow individuals to support projects that they care about without worrying about getting scammed or dealing with fraudsters. Also, bonds are resistant to market fluctuations, so investors are assured that they will get their regular monthly payments regardless of what’s going on in the financial markets.

  • :orange_heart: the Idea ?

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Now i get it totally why it’s necessary to have such a feature . Going multi chain but always worrying about fees & stuff . Sometime txn can fail too & your stuck on that chain even when your portfolio having 10k worth of assets . Utter Nonsense , just let them swap & not to worry about a chain token they don’t want to buy at all . Huge setback that we need to deal with …

Unable to pay gas fee even when you have assets that worth more than to pay the entire fee . This is kinda ridiculous because dexes are supposed to break away the centralized exchange connection but you either have to go there for eth to buy & end up signing up & sharing details or even use your card to buy to show your gov that u purchased & even if you pay with card you end it getting less token

I’d love to point out that this is now possible with 1inch limit order v2. Using permits on ETH, BSC, or polygon. This will let users permit the token, set the order under market value so it fills quickly, and receive back ETH/BNB/MATIC directly. Though, due to gas prices on ETH, this may or may not be the most optimal way, but it’s perfectly viable for BSC or MATIC.

A tool could easily be built to help fill the order rather than letting users sit around waiting for the order fill.


Further Iterating this Idea =-

Self Earning Treasury - 1INCH Treasury Bonds

Strategy -

  1. Treasury is earning like 1 - 2Million in revenue per month . We can allocate 30% - 40% Funds for Issuing bonds [Daodecides]
  2. Treasury Issue Bonds whenever a user put their 1inch as collateral
  3. In Return Treasury will provide USDC equivalent at Last 6 Month Avg Market price of 1inch Token or x% lower than current token market value
    e.g User put 1000 1inch as collateral to which Treasury will issue a Bond for like 1000$ on basis of last 6 month avg price of token or 30% lower than current token market value
  4. When USDC is issue from treasury it can be returned after the specified bond period is OVER
  5. While Collateral is in the Bond 5% of Treasury revenue will be allocated to Market BUY BACK 1inch and will distribute those tokens in Collateral Pool
  6. User will have a choice to Issue bonds at last 6 month avg price or 12 month avg price but can be changed to Down Value i.e. Minting usdc equivalent to 70%/60% lower the current mkt. Price of 1inch
  7. 6 month avg price or 30% DV ( Down - value ) bonds will have a 9% buyback return to the underlying collateral while 12 month avg price or 40% DV bondswill have lower buyback of 5% . So Higher the USDC issued lesser will be the 1inch interest on the collateral .
  8. This way while Bonds are issued the underlying asset will keep earning more 1inch whatever the market situation are .
  9. At the end of the Bond Period User returns the USDC granted by bond and Take Back the Deposited 1inch along with the extra 1inch they earned from treasury buyacks during the bonding period
  10. If Somehow user is unable to return the USDC after bonding period is OVER . This Collateral will be unlocked only when it appreciates in value so much that it will be able to repay that 1000$ amount that treasury issued in USDC . Once the Collateral reaches that stage user can claim half of its collateral 500 1inch while extra 1000$ or above it made from just price appreciation will either be turned to USDC or stays in pool . We can put a penalty too in such cases which can serve as extra income for treasury

Advantages -

These Bonds can be combined with NFT similar to uniswap liq nfts records & showing data such as serial number on the nft which tells all the info about the bond like how many units bought , amount at which it is bought etc. These NFT bonds can be Made Tradable on secondary market .

QnA -



bro this is awesome .

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