Discussion on possible 1INCH tokenomics

only move this proposal here! Thanks for @Genkai.Shogun

Revised 1INCH Tokenomics Upgrade : The Next Phase

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move this from 1inch Telegram.

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I’ve Posted on How burning can be Streamlined .

I’m Suggesting to burn the tokens until we reach 1 Billion down from 1.5 Billion .


I have some confusion. Are we still waiting here?

I think it makes sense to have all the options presented and allow vote for percentages distribution of revenue among the options. It takes time to prepare everything for such kind of voting. Also collecting more ideas and taking into account all the opinions.


I have a question. Will the result of this discussion turn into a proposal for voting? Better not.I don’t have 4M 1inch :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :joy: :joy:

New Fee Structure Implementation on Top of Reward Claiming

| Optional

I’ve Added Another Point if we should do it or not . Currently there are 0 Fee over Staking , so should we implement such Structure over ‘Claim Rewards after task completion’

Fees can be embedded into 2nd Point under ‘Claim Reward’ Before Claiming Rewards which will be auto deducted

Should be Voted As I don’t want it to be posed as an extra burden over the users using 1inch like BANKS or other DEFI projects

if user don’t complete the task he will have to Pay Performance Fee

If Implemented can create another source of income for the protocol

Keep in Mind that the Fee %ages Shown in picture Will Have a Weightage Decided in a Ratio of 40% by Instant Governance + 60% by 1INCH Founders or Team. This Creates an equilibrium

Also As @deacix said already that it’s bringing Huge Load to maintain DAO so I think we can also charge once a Quarter or an Year as a Performance fee proportion to the amount of token staked or may be only on the Claim Rewards


This Should Be done .

I can think of 4 options now -

We need Weighted Voting on this one .Do people need 1 option or either 2 or all 3

Continuing the discussion from Discussion on possible 1INCH tokenomics:

Any new updates sir?

I am very depressed about this situation.To be honest, people don’t need to change, they just need 1inch.io to run all the time. :shushing_face:

First of all, I want to share two articles of AC, hoping to learn from them.

and this

I think it is possible to implement support for all the possible options and allow to vote for percentages shares.


well,set options and vote! :love_letter:

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let’s start. Thanks :handshake::handshake:

No words? Is it not enough? :sweat_smile:

I’m Also thinking that we need to restructure the Referral Reward System in Aggregation Protocol Under the Tokenomics

Too much need ,too much thinking. Do it now! Vote it!

can you put all these 3 things together?
for instance, 60% reward starkers directly, 30% buy and burn, 10% make it passively earn.
and slowly change the percentages or vote the percentages weekly.

Nvm. @k06a already mentioned that this is possible. can’t wait to see that happen.

Maybe will wating 1 year to do!