Discussion on possible 1INCH tokenomics

We could call them 1inch DAO Delegates

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What’s We ??? I only See few people discussing here about tokenomics .

I don’t know what’s the Founder problem srsly & why they HESTITATE so much to put posts like this in UI so that we can pull major ideas from community [ most of them don’t even know Anton started this here]

@k06a got any answer why ? You want max community to participate in this Right ?

People are Absent in Discussion , Absent in Snapshot Votings , Is this how you run a DAO ?

All your 1IPs didn’t even reached over 100k & here you guys setting 4M as quorum ?

or We could call them whales . No thanks . Delegates is the Worst System I’ve ever seen

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“We” mean:the people who participated in the discussion.
I think Dao is really difficult at first.
PS: we need your help @Roxan Please !

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I think it’s great! Can you name some people?

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Hi founder . about option3 staker are still able to remove the staking by anytime ?

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Revised 1INCH Tokenomics Upgrade : The Next Phase

Note : This is just a Rough Summary . I don’t want the Post to be Very Lengthy , Just a little Idea you can get with it what it is all about

1. “Claim Reward by Task” Mechanism [ Applicable for Buyback & Distribute & Farming ]

In Short , Whether it’s from LP Farming or via Governance Staking users will have to Complete Certain tasks to claim their 1INCH Rewards . Check Rough Idea - 1INCH Governance REWARDS v1.0

How it’ll be useful -

  • Creating Tasks will Help rewarding Active Users Against Passive Users
  • More Participation in Governance Tasks e.g. Snapshot Votings etc.
  • Liquidity Boost if LP tasks are Enabled
  • Indirect Increment in Trading Volumes of DEX Across all chains

2. Deflationary Burning Mechanism with an Advance Usecase [ A Trigger System ]

When we say Burn it’s Pretty obvious what it’ll be . Many Projects Deploy diff type of Methods to initiate Burning of their Native Tokens .

  • Charging Deposit/Withdraw/Performance fee , Transfer Tax , BuyBack & Then Burn a %age of it
  • Burn Token to keep the Inflation in check which is great for No Hard Cap tokens
BNB burning event

When the Binance Coin was still part of the Ethereum network, Binance performed periodic Coin Burn events using a smart contract function known as burn function . The BNB burning events are scheduled to occur every quarter until 100,000,000 BNB are finally destroyed , which represents 50% of the total BNB ever issued (200,000,000 BNB).
The amount of BNB coins to be burned is based on the number of trades performed on the exchange within a 3-months period.
So after each quarter, Binance burns BNB according to the overall trading volume.

So What Exactly is a Trigger System ?

Whenever 1INCH DEX achieves a certain criteria , System will Trigger a Burn Event . This Trigger System can be considered a collection of Multiple Factors , once attained can automatically Trigger the Burn Event .

Triggers -

  1. 1INCH users Trading Milestones

Trading Milestones will depend on :

    1. Total Trading Volume of a User w.r.t to the 24hr Volume on 1inch DEX
    1. Trading Frequency = No. of Swaps made on daily/weekly/monthly basis by User
    1. Amount of a Single Swap
    1. 1inch Record Breaker [ NEW ]
    1. Trading Streaks
    1. Trading Combos [Trading LPs Directly]
  1. 1INCH DEX Overall Trading Volume
  2. We can add more ...

& Now Everytime 1INCH sets a New Record Under Point 1 & 2 , Trigger System will Activate the Burn .

Supply Reduction - DAO Shall decide by Snapshot Voting How much Supply [30%,40%,50%,60%] Must be Reduced from MAX supply of 1.5b .

Also After Every 10% Burn of Total Supply , Burn Trigger System will go under A Cool down until DAO redecides above criteria/parameters again .

3. Double Stable-Coin APY on DAO Treasury [Auto/Restake Partition/Farm]

The Idea is to Restake the APY earnings to Higher APY Projects so that Rewards can be Maximized . Also , Part of The APY reward generated can be used to Buy a collection of Top Tokens that Provide High APY on Single Asset Staking like Cake of Pancakeswap .

We can Vote thro DAO on how much part of generated APY revenue must be used to buy such coins with high APY

This Approach is generally Safe as our Principal Amount is safely being used in Top Tier Lending Protocols while the APY generated from that can be utillized even further in Higher APY projects .

3 in 1 -


Fee [Optional]
Burn [Optional]


That’s Pretty Nice !!!

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The combination of this series is really great.

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Today i saw this:

Suddenly feel that there are many projects in good apy, what is our unique?
I think we should make all projects use aggregators!
Just like all defi projects need oracle.

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For example - 1inch Montly Generate around $2M From slippage

Montly $2M - 10% ( $200k ) - go to ( Pancake , MDex farming eg 120% APY ) = $20K

Montly $20k burning doesnt make sense .

Few reason cause unhealthy inflaction -

  • Airdrop
  • Farming reward

I believe option 3 can solve current problems and bring long-term value to the entire community. As a member of the community, I am very excited that we could help 1inch burn tokens without affecting our benefit (reward) .

Cant wait to Implement it @deacix :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


This is what my understanding of option 3 . correct me if im wrong . @k06a

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learn something from Pancakeswap

we need more people join and change fast!

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If you putting 50% Burn with 50% Distribution Ofcourse the Whales gonna manipulate it + the rewards will be so small that it will not be worth it .

Only relying on Option 3 is a BIG Mistake

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If there is only (3), you will get stable APY 10% reward for how much you deposit. It‘s’ fair and there is no toplimit

You don’t understand . You can’t always have a stable APY of 10% . It can go even to 2% then your rewards will drop drastically as more funds are deposited

Relying on just option 3 is not suitable at all . You’ll have miniscule rewards which are not attractive & worth it


only move this proposal here! Thanks for @Genkai.Shogun

Revised 1INCH Tokenomics Upgrade : The Next Phase

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move this from 1inch Telegram.

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I’ve Posted on How burning can be Streamlined .

I’m Suggesting to burn the tokens until we reach 1 Billion down from 1.5 Billion .


I have some confusion. Are we still waiting here?

I think it makes sense to have all the options presented and allow vote for percentages distribution of revenue among the options. It takes time to prepare everything for such kind of voting. Also collecting more ideas and taking into account all the opinions.