Deploy 1Inch on Arbitrum Nova

If you don’t know what is Arbitrum Nova:

Arbitrum Nova just launched 3 days ago and the ecosystem is still super small with only 2 stablecoins support, FTX, Reddit, SushiSwap and RCPswap

Nova is specifically built for Social Apps and Gaming - Reddit Community Points are the main Dapp that’s operating.

Users can trade Reddit Community Points on Sushiswap and RCPswap but the liquidity is super low now (50,000$)

1Inch is needed for Arbitrum Nova because of low liquidity, aggregator can be super beneficial here.

Arbitrum Nova TVL is barely $1.5m
For such big partnership (Google Cloud, Reddit, Arbitrum and FTX) the TVL can skyrocket hard very soon and 1inch can benefit from that by moving early.


Hi @Moons! Welcome to the 1inch Community Forum!

Integrating entire chains (or L2s in this case) is on the higher end of effort required. We’d need to not only update our backend, front end, servers, docs, etc… but maintain them for the foreseeable future. So, we should be sure that the effort is worth the benefits to the 1inch Network.

Some things we should look at before pushing for a new deployment:

  • TVL
    • $1.5M is very low. I see what you mean regarding the potential for future growth, but we’d want this to be at around 2-orders of magnitude higher to justify the work ($100M+). I don’t think there have been any firm number thrown around, I’m just going off of past integrations.
  • Daily volume
  • Number of DEXs / liquidity sources
    • If the TVL is sufficient, this is probably the most important factor seeing as 1inch is primarily an aggregator (if all liquidity sits in a single DEX, then there isn’t much of a point in using an aggregator in the first place).

DeFi Llama should start tracking most of these metrics once they add Arbitrum Nova. With all the information in a single location, it should make the decision-making process easier for the DAO.