DAOplomats: Vision and action plan for 1inch DAO

Author: jengajojo
Squad: DAOplomats

Vision of DAOplomats

DAOplomats are professional protocol politicians who aim to support the progressive decentralisation of DAOs. We onboard experts and partner with decentralised governance research groups to find the best possible solution to different problems our partner DAOs face. 

This post outlines a strategy by DAOplomats to deliver the following goals in the next 180 days:

A1. Kickstart the decentralisation process for the DAO
A2. Gather feedback from the community and iteratively develop the governance process

B1. Increase community engagement throughout the collaboration
B2. Incentivise talent within the community to become stewards of the community.

C1. Propose tokenomics changes to the DAO, which brings more token holder engagement and governance participation.

How are we planning to achieve the goals?

‘’In addition to the on-chain assets currently controlled by the DAO, it also has the ability to fund the development of modules/contracts and deploy them (e.g., alternative front-ends, new network deployments, new API integrations, integrations, new smart contract deployments, etc.).’ doc.1inch.io

To achieve the goal of decentralised governance in the 1inch Network, DAOplomats are trying to build a contributor pipeline within the DAO, where the community can trustlessly join different dojos (working groups) to train their skills and propose improvements to the DAO.

For the total utilisation of the 6-month engagement, we have divided it into two 12-week intervals called ‘Inches’.

We’ll set clear goals for each ‘inch’ and offer retroactive remuneration to contributors for successfully delivering predefined goals. We will headhunt suitable coordinators to initially fill roles in the DAO, and allow leaders to emerge within the DAO as the ‘inches’ progress.

Helping the community to quality check their proposals and offer feedback and comments on proposals is also an integral part of our delegation. We extend help to individual proposal authors in 1inch DAO to develop their ideas into quality proposals. We help authors pass the snapshot proposal threshold if their proposals have completed Phase 3 in the proposal lifecycle. If you want to get feedback for a proposal in the ideation stage, ping us at hub@daoplomats.org

After building the foundation of the contributor system, we aim to strengthen social collaboration with established DAO in DeFi space.


DAOplomats.org voting Bank

[1IP-10] 1inch DAO SAFE Airdrop Claim

Voted Option: Yes
Proof of Vote


we have worked closely with @1inch and @StableNode, during the initial development of this proposal. After careful evaluation, we believe @safe DAO will achieve maximum decentralization with a diverse range of delegates with varying levels of voting power.