Cross-chain swaps

I understand this topic was raised a lot of times, but can’t resist giving it one more try… The idea is to use 1inch token for cross-chain swaps (something like anyswap do with their token) for any eth-compatible networks. To achieve this 1inch could collaborate with Near protocol on extending rainbow bridge to cover all eth-compatible networks (well, at least bsc / near / avalanche / harmony). Bridge will be used under the hood to move 1inch tokens between chains but for user experience could be like this:

  1. Select source chain
  2. Select target chain
  3. Select how much 1inch tokens to be migrated
  4. Exec transaction
  5. Tokens moved to the same wallet but on a target chain

On each chain 1inch would also have chain-specific pools (like 1inch/eth or 1inch/bnb which are already available) allowing to make use of migrated 1inch tokens.



Doing swaps with one foot on polygon and one on Ethereum seems like such an easy win (for users though I am sure its hard to code). It probably would need to use some kind of internal AMM with Weth and wbtc on Ethereum and Polygon. So you need a front end on polygon (check) on ethereum (Check) and internal AMMS (check). I have been searching for the group thats doing this, but 1inch seems so close. To truly dominate i think you will need front ends on Optimism as well.

Post dip I am rethinking exchanges and defi and I think this might be the time people move from AMMs to aggregators. i would love to see 1inch lead the way.