Continue another round of LP farming

I propose allocating another 1% of the total 1INCH supply for LP farming rewards for another month. Right now, the LP farming is working very well. there is a growing amount of liquidity in the pools, and the token price is increasing rapidly, and as a result, more and more people are becoming aware of the protocol, which promotes additional use of the protocol for trading, which results in increased trading volume and thereby increased swap fees. This then increases the token price even more through the buyback mechanism and increases APY for both 1INCH stakers and farmers. The farming rewards help compensate for the impact of impermanent loss as well, which given the relatively low marketcap of 1INCH at this point, seems to be somewhat substantial.

At this point, where awareness and adoption of the protocol is key, an additional round of LP farming would keep this virtuous cycle going and help all 1INCH holders. I propose that we do just this.

Additionally, since 1INCH token price has appreciated relative to ETH, we could also consider readjusting the rewards rate back down to 100% APY for the 1INCH-ETH pool, in order to reduce inflation. Since it’s 117% at the time of writing, this means instead of 1% of the total supply for 1 month of farming rewards, 0.85% of the total supply. This would still attract liquidity providers and help compensate for impermanent loss, but perhaps alleviate any concerns over inflation.

Any thoughts?