Comparing 1inch Exchange to some Exchanges. The team should Solve this problem

As You can see in thoose pictures that I have tried to swap ETH-1Inch from 3 different platform, with the same GWEI which is 100 GWEI. It is clear that 1inch exchange has the highest fees worth $108 compare with Moonswap and Uniswap. As we know that we cannot change the gas limit because it will be run out of gas and our transaction will be failed.

1inch Exchange



Note: I already activate CHI token to reduce the gas fee on 1Inch Exchange.

The team should Solve this problems, also I think unlock thing should be removed to, so we will not pay so much fees to use 1inch exchange. Thanks in advance

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That’s because degen governance owners voted to double fees. I wonder who those crazy people are

Yeah, It should vote it again to reduce the fee or people will go to the other exchange and leave 1inch exchange.

Hey, @IonYopYop - that would be a nice, to compare all of the Dexes altogether.

We sure, that 1inch provides best prices on the market.

*If someone wants to check this: *
You can make a grant proposal to do this research, so 1inch can support such independent analysis.

Just keep in mind

1/ you have to consider not only the gas amount but also how many tokens you will get back. So the total amount that you will spend will be less than 1inch.
2/ you have to compare it at the same time frame (at least during 1block) - 15 seconds

Is there any reward for doing this research? how can I make that proposal?

You can send your Proposal here:

You can create a Proposal with the list of things that will be done and propose the desired reward.
The amount of reward will depend on the amount of work.

We can discuss it in the topic after the initial Proposal.