Changing back LP tokens

Hi guys, sorry for beginner questions:

  1. After performing “Exit” operation from expired pools, I now see LP tokens in my MetaMask wallet. How can I split it back to ETH/USDT and ETH/DAI?
  2. Where I can find 1inch tokens which i should get as rewards from pool? I expected to see it in Metamask as well…
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Under DOA go to the pools side menu and look for the red minus symbol that says remove liquidity. Doing this transaction will unwrap your Eth/USDT and ETH/DAI…just be aware of current gas prices and try to time it to minimize the costs (almost impossible right now)


Thanks! already did that, tried to minimize price and now transaction hangs for 10 hours with price 90 gwei… wondering what could be done here…(

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