Are all these TX's necessary to start mining ($197.13)

Hi all,

I started with only ETH, and so I’m curious to hear if this was the minimum number of transactions for me to start mining? They amount to $197.13 which seems pretty high.

Why exactly does one need to “unlock tokens”? Did I really need to “Approve liquidity pool”?

Thanks for your help!


Unfortunately as it stands now that seems to be the minimum number of transactions…and I agree it is kind of ridiculous. Even if gas fees weren’t so high, it seems clunky and filled with steps that could be automated or batched. If the idea is to encourage new people to supply liquidity this needs to be streamlined somehow, it is intimidating to even someone who has done it several times.


Thanks for the reply @HNYB4DGER I have two following questions:

  1. Is there a reason why someone would provide liquidity without joining a pool?
  2. This article states that the pool that I’ve joined (1INCH/ETH) is only available for 4 weeks, will interest simply stop after that?
  1. There is no reason (and no way) to provide liquidity without joining a liquidity pool, whether it is a 1inch pool or any other protocol’s pool. At minimum you want to earn your share of transaction fees, and ideally you will be earning a % of reward coins like 1inch or opium
  2. I don’t know a definitive answer to that question, as I don’t know what they will do for certain after the 4 weeks. However what they did last time at the end of 4 weeks is shut down the pool (made inactive) and you had to withdraw your 1LP-Eth-1inch as well as your rewards and re-stake in the new pool (the one that’s currently running).
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