% APY in BSC pools is fluctuating massively over very short periods of time

Hello all

So I am a liquidity provider on the BSC in the 1inch-BNB and the BNB-BUSD pools.

The APY on the pools jumps massively on a second to second basis. I understand that this is due to errors on the BSC network. Meaning even though APY calculations are meant to be done on a monthly basis which would have a far lower variation of the total APY.

This is not happening and the APY in the bnb-busd pool it is jumping from 80% to 370% over the space of 2 seconds ( screenshots attached ) , then will stay at the higher / lower number for some time then it flips back.

I understand the team can’t change the errors on the BSC to fix this, BUT can anyone confirm that:

  • when I see the higher APY number am I getting this higher number payout in total APY?

  • I understand this is a BSC issue but is this being worked on to fix the total APY read outs and stop them from jumping around so much?

  • Can you tell me if I am always getting the higher number OR the lower of the number of APY , I need to understand what the APY payout is and because the number is always changing so much so fast it is hard to have faith in the number.

You can see below two screenshots taken at the same time, 2 seconds apart. Both have the same 24Hrs earnings but MASSIVELY different % APY

what APY am I being paid during both of these screenshots ?

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a 267% difference is a MAJOR issue and we need to figure out why this is happening, how it will be fixed and what the real APY actually is.

Thanks all.

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