Airdrop disaster

I guess I will have to contact my friend- she has 1 million insta followers and 500,000 Twitter followers. My etherscan shows my transactions on uni. 1inch shows I have never used their site to buy or sell.

I fit the criteria yet have no airdrop tokens. Just a bot saying I should check my wallet address.

I’m disgusted by the customer service, the way they put their projects into practice. Most of all, why would I use 1inch if this is what they think of me.

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I can understand your frustration, but instead of posting daily, increasing your threats, have you tried contacting 1inch customer service directly via their email or telegram channel. The customer service is seriously lacking…however they responded to me within 15 minutes on telegram. I didn’t get my distribution either but this was stated at the end of the “qualifications” post:
"Current distribution does not pretend to be 100% accurate, so if someone’s address was not chosen as eligible — sorry about that."

Anyway they don’t check these forums regularly, you may get better results contacting them directly


I messaged them twice. That is why I’m angry. You are correct in what you say. Unless I messaged the wrong place. The responded only saying they would get back to me. And the other time that if I checked and the site said no- it means no.

I didn’t mean to get angry and wind people up. I sincerely apologise. Have a good weekend


I hear you, but it is what it is. It’s not like you lost anything, you just didn’t gain anything. I didn’t either. /shrug