Airdrop confusion

Could somebody please explain to me. I have made 10+ transactions using this year and last year. I was give the uni airdrop because of it.

I have no transactions with it and have not therefore used.

Yet for some reason I wasn’t given the tokens.

Normally companies reward its users. I’m not one but was thinking about doing so. Yet I’m not a user and fit the criteria, yet I got no tokens. I feel broken. 1inch punch would come in handy

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i never got it aswell but i fit criteria.

did they help or answer you?

No response, no help, no nothing!! Ridiculous for a growing company trying to take uni and sushi’s market share. I’m actually disgusted by the way I’ve been treated.

I will make sure I tell everyone on social media and in person about this. I have evidence I am owed this. Only possible excuse is there were only a certain small number of coins to be given? Or it was a hoax. Or they and coin telegraph made it up.

Don’t understand why either. I wanted to know why I got no token drop? I definitely qualify but no response.

I don’t think I will use I Inch .

Best regards

absolutely nothing, theres alot of unhappy people!

All 1inch said to me was: if it says nothing to claim it means you have nothing to claim.

I guess my Zerion is wrong when it shows 10 or so trades, then various liquidity pools this year.

Or etherscan incorrectly shows my 20+ trades on uni last year.

Or uni were wrong when giving me an airdrop, the simple criteria was I had to be their customer.

These things back me up, whilst 1inchs site says I have never done a transaction with 1inch.

So I have complied with and fit all of 1 inch’s rules, how can I not be owed 1inch tokens to claim? doesn’t contain all the swaps made by a user, just like didn’t have all your swaps. If you said zerion only showed around 10, the requirments were still 20 unique day swaps with 3 in 2021.
Our site records transactions in cache, so if the site is refreshed or the cache is cleared, the site won’t know if you’ve done a transaction with 1inch products before.

If you’d like quicker responses to things like support inquires, you can use our intercom chat (magnifying glass in the corner of, discord, or telegram.