Advice what to do with 1inch tokens

Dear all,
I apologise for starting this topic, but I could not really find any useful results via Google to my query. I am fairly new to 1inch and crypto in general and would like to ask for advice.
I used to stake here in governance my 1inch tokens, but since that stage ended as I read, there are no rewards anymore. What can/should I do with the tokens? The rewards have been good but now it seems only Binance is offering staking rewards for 1inch. Or shall I leave it as staked and there will be some rewards eventually? My tokens are bep20 btw.
Thank you in advance for your advice and wishing you all a great Sunday.


Hi mate,

Right now the token can be used for farming and staking. Staking is to participate in DAO protocol (governance). Forum is to have conversation on how should we move forward in the protocol and what do we need. check this link and share your experience as it would be great to have your point of view.


just use celsius and borrow some usdc against your 1inch and stake in don farming

Another Method -


After the end of the 1inch staking, I had the same question, so I provided liquidity in the 1inch pool section. 1inch - DeFi / DEX aggregator on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum Some pairs have better APYs also. For example the 1inch/BNB pool.

But please do your own research about token pairs in liquidity pools, it’s quite different than staking.
Don’t invest what you can’t afford to loose.


As I mentioned my tokens are on ERC, but BEP

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im having problem with a exchange from 1inch to dai and the transfer is happening