Adding new DEXs to Pathfinder?

My understanding that is the 1inch Pathfinder DEX aggregator will search through a list of DEXs in order to find the best price for the swap.

But what determines the list of approved pathfinder DEXs? Is that a hyper parameter which gets decided by a Governance vote? Or is there a centralized process whereby DEXs “apply” to be “listed” in pathfinder?

There is a way to apply for DEX listing here through the dex integration request form and is usually reserved for DEXs with > $10M liquidity and the format for dex integrations may change in the future.

On the other hand though, the DAO can signal the labs to integrate liquidity sources like 1IP-07 where Balancer signaled the labs to add the balancer boosted pools and 1IP-05 requested OPIUM turbo be integrated and could be done for any protocol