Accidentally rejected the airdrop transaction, is there anything I can do?

Please help anybody, I rejected the airdrop tx because I was on bsc chain and was switching over to eth, now when I hit the claim button is says its already been claimed. PLEASE HELP anyone.


Faciletenos porfabor las 12 palabras de su cartera para que podamos acceder a los datos del bloke de Airdrop , y rebocar lo antes posible la transsacion.

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Has this been resolved yet?!? Couldn’t you just access 1inch app from a different device, or clear your cookies/browser history? The airdrop happens on-chain, so it doesn’t matter if your wallet software rejected the transaction…

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No I was never able to claim it again :frowning: tried from multiple devices as well.

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This was a bug a while ago, if the claim button showed up on BSC, it’s since been fixed. If you were to confirm the transaction then it would broadcast onto BSC with nothing happening.