1lnch.io exchange SCAM - lost 9WETH

So, I know this has been written here before (I hear more and more stories as I search the internet).
It’s just crazy, and I believe that 1inch.exchange should do something about it, even though it’s not their fault, but the fraudsters are using their name, and I believe they have the power to conduct a proper investigation / talk to the authorities.

Now - let me tell you how I lost 9WETH and I was scammed, for the first time in my life, by a fake website

What I did wrong: since I never used 1inch, I just searched on google 1inch and clicked on the first URL. Because I didn’t pay attention, I just clicked on the 1st url (since I though that a website of this proportion is always 1st). I also looked at the url and it seemed legit (I didn’t know that the original one is .exchange not .io … since I never entered it → currently there is a google adsense ad for an url called 1ilnch-dex.exchange … which takes you to 1lnch.io … if it would of been 1nich.io like some guy said a few days back, I think that I would of noticed … but this seemed legit)
Since I was used to matcha, where you just go, add the coins and hit approve / swap, I didnt want to wait and browse around, I wanted to just buy 1inch token for 1ETH

I connected my walled and hit approve for 1WETH. Next thing I know, it shows up that I don’t have any WETH in my wallet, it drained it all.

The guy’s address is 0x0957dcf874c5b77fc00061af89b910abac3f94d1
As far as I can see he has a few more $ there, so probably I am not the only one … but for sure I am the largest one

I lost all my WETH savings to this. 1inch, please do something, since this is just hurting your exchange name.