[1IP-2] Airdrop for Active Engagement v1.0 ( Voting Check )

Are you Aware & Ready/will be Ready for Upcoming 1IP Snapshot Votings ?
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DEMO - Snapshot

I’m Initiating & linking here a DEMO Snapshot for those Who are Voting in Snapshot Poll for Very 1st time & Wanna Make sure by Checking if they are able to Vote with their Tokens correctly before the Actual Snapshot Starts . This DEMO snapshot will be Removed in few hrs. before the Actual Snapshot .

DEMO Snapshot

Stage 1 Post


DRAFT release on ‘Airdrops / Rewards / Comm. Incentives to All Active 1IP Stage -2 & Stage -3 Voters at later stages etc.’ only after Surpassing Simple Voting Quorum on Snapshot


Rewarding Active Engagement & Unique ideas in Governance forum along with genuine 1inch users that Participate in Snapshot Voting & Stage - 2 1IP Proposals Voting etc. ONLYIF

Note - The Drafts are Ready & Will be Released ONLYIF this Proposal reaches the Quorum .

Keep in Mind the Draft Contain Features that Can

  • Verify Users [ Multiple checkpoints Off+Onchain]
  • Prevents 1inch Reward Dumping [ Which most 1inch users fear as if Airdrop or rewards get distributed to users it will directly increase sell pressure . However , This won’t be the case here as Draft propose a protection against such motives ]
  • & More …


The Sole Purpose of this proposal is to 1st Safely check if the 1inch Hodlers & Governance Stakeholders are Yet Fully Aware or not to Support Upcoming Governance Decisions Suggested via 1IPs .


About 60M 1inch Tokens are being staked in 1inch DAO Governance which are controlling the LP parameters but 1 more purpose for which 1inch token is now urgently needed for is the 1IPs which are going to play a Major Role in Making 1inch DEX better.


  • With the Help of this Proposal we’ll be able to see if 1inch Users care about the Protocol & ecosystem that is being built around it
  • The Above say a quorum of 4M 1INCH must be needed for a proposal to Pass . If this proposal Voting lacks to achieve it [ Whether User Vote in Favor or Against - Doesn’t Matter . What matters is if the 1inch User Participates or not in Voting Process ] then it might need much attention from 1inch team to bring more participation in it before commencing any new proposals from normal users.


There should be no downside to this proposal as it only check if 1INCH community is Vote Ready or not & can reach the said quorum set by 1inch Team .

Note - Max. 5 Day Window will be opened before the Stage - 3 Snapshot Poll Starts . During this Period Please Make sure you Buy , Move your 1inch Tokens to your Private Wallets like MetaMask etc. from Crypto Exchanges like Binance etc. or Stake in 1inch Governance etc. so that you become eligible to Vote in Snapshot .

Failing to do so before the snapshot starts , You won’t be able to Cast your Vote in Upcoming Stage - 3 Snapshot poll of 1IP-2 with your 1inch token .


@Tanz0rz @Natalia Please share this link on twitter and discord,thanks!


Shall we go? the new vote!

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This time i saw much more people join this proposal and voted! Let’s stat the Formal proposal! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

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1 of the Features that will be under Active Engagement 1IP v1.0 DRAFT .

& I’d also Like to thank all the Lovely 1INCH Voters :heart:

You Guys are Awesome ! No Words …