[1IP-1] 1inch Trading Incentives v1.0

I think our first vote is not so perfect. People don’t know how to deposit their 1inch in their wallet in advance, so they lose the right to vote. I suggest setting a time to let us know and open a new voting opportunity.Thanks!


Snapshot voting is only available to wallets that had the tokens available at the time of the proposal. They can’t move the tokens to their wallet later and vote on a proposal that went live when their tokens were not.

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So Is there a chance to remedy it?

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I don’t quite understand what you mean by “remedy”, the Snapshot mechanism IS a remedy/protection against an abuse of the voting system, all what I could recommend is to closely follow discussions on the forum and always make sure you have enough on the balance to vote in favor of a proposal that resonates with you.

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First of all, because we can’t determine the exact voting time ( Snapshot height) after the end of Stage-2, we didn’t transfer the token to the wallet to get the right to vote; Secondly, if you can, I hope you can start voting at a certain time again, so that everyone will be ready; In the end, the first time is not always perfect

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Could you explain your situation more? Where were your tokens when the vote started?

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when the vote started my 1inch token on Binance! Because i don’t konw exact start time,so i miss the Snapshot [12,788,017 ].I thinke most of community members don’t know exactly when to start.It’s a pity this time.

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Let’s split this proposal to at least 2 proposals. This voting have only 2 options but there are 4 outcomes: accepting both, accepting only first, accepting only second, rejecting both. Let’s make it clear for every one.


Thank you for your advice! We hope to announce a certain voting time and block chain height, so that all community members can fully prepare and think.

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How much delay will be enough to prep ? A week or 3 day is good enough ?

First of all, the proposal needs to be forwarded and announced by the community through Twitter,telegram, otherwise not all the community members will participate;Secondly, I think three days is enough;Finally, I hope we are making progress all the time!


There are several iterations I wanna apply into current Proposal . I’ll be Making a better V2 Soon

I Also think LPs do enough already for the both 1inch token and the 1inchDAO and should be offered a voice in the decision making process.

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Lucky we have you ! i alreday move my 1inch on wallet wating your proposal!

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@Natalia @Tanz0rz Hi,admin! I hope more community activities can be poss on 1inch
office twitter, so that more community personnel can pay attention to and participate in it! Thanks for all!


when open the new proposal?

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Answered here

This is the 2nd Iteration of [1IP-1] which Can be Called as V2
New Upcoming Metrics -

A. Trading Milestones will depend on :

  1. Total Trading Volume of a User w.r.t to the 24hr Volume on 1inch DEX
  2. Trading Frequency = No. of Swaps made on daily/weekly/monthly basis by User
  3. Amount of a Single Swap
  4. 1inch Record Breaker [ NEW ]
  5. Trading Streaks
  6. Trading Combos [Trading LPs Directly]
[Optional] By Keeping all these Metrics in mind An Open Leaderboard can be Made
The leaderboard will be visible to all & May contain user info like 
their social profile links , Current Streaks Organic Volume Traded via 1inch 
& A Special Tag if a user Broken a Record on 1inch DEX etc.

1st 3 Features are pretty clear what they do but this new metric called ‘1RB’

will work as follows -

  1. 1inch Team will set an Amount on 1inch DEX for The Biggest Swap Ever done via 1inch DEX
    // Can also be derived from on - Chain Data
    Let’s say Current Record Holder for Biggest Swap Ever Done Via 1inch is 10,000$
    Now if 24hr Total Volume = 1,00,000$
    But if a Single Swap of a User on same day thro 1inch DEX
    Amounts => 1/5th of 1,00,000$ = 20,000$

Then That User will Set a New Record of Highest Swap Ever done Via 1inch .
This New Record can get a Multiplier of 2x or 4x further [Can be Decided by team]

There will 2 Type of Record Holders

a. Biggest Record of the Year / Resets every year if remain unbroken
b. Current Highest Record of the Month / Resets every Quarter

  1. These New Records can be set for each Category separately

B. 1inch Stakers Fee Reduction :

  • More you interact with 1inch Governance Rewards lesser will be the Fee Reductions

This is to Stop People that will just sell staking rewards to benefit fee reduction .
So those Who just Stake 1inch & Trade Separately will have Better Reduction rates

Problem: Now let’s Say if the Price Next Day drops from 5$ to 2$
then 2000 * $2 = $4,000 [user getting more benefit now with a lesser threshold than before]
So, Potential downside is the Price manipulation . So instead of having direct price impact we will have
1inch Lag Price

What is 1inch Lag Price ?

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That’s great! More and more careful and perfect!Let’s look forward to it together!

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1inch Lag Price let’s call it ‘1LP’ is a difference between the New & Old 30D Avg. Price of 1inch Token which will stay same if New Avg. price is less than previous Avg. Price

Example -

Let’s say 30D Avg. Price of 1inch Token in

Jan  Feb  March  April  May  June  July  Aug  Sept  Oct

10$   5$   2.5$   6$    11$  120$  60$  50$    40$  20$
  • Now We started With Jan & initial 30D Avg. Price came out as 10$
  • On Feb , 30D Avg. Price Drops to 5$ But 1inch Lag price will stay at 10$ & even in March it will still be at 10$
  • But As we saw than in May it gone up to 11$ so now 1inch Lag Price will be set to this New Price which is 11$

This Feature Prevents Dumping of 1inch token if happened to churn Fee Reduction .
But if Price Pumps it’ll just set a new 1LP Target .

But if Price Got Pumped too much that it is not broken again under next 4 months like you can
see in June it shot to 120$ but didn’t crossed above it in next 4 Months

‘N’ no. of months Can Be Voted or Decided by Team

A new Condition will be triggered which is
Sum of ( Current 1LP price + Previous 4 MOnth Price Avg. ) / 3

/n Can Be Voted or Decided by Team

i.e. 120+60+50+40+20/3= 97$ = New 1LP Price

1inch Dev team can perform further optimization on this code


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I can’t wait to vote!This complete implementation.

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