[1IP-08] Simple diversification mechanism for 1inch DAO Treasury

So , Treasury = 20% of Volatile Assets + 80% Stable . Seems Fine .

In Favour :white_check_mark:


Temperature-check vote was a success. 10 votes in favor, 0 votes against.

1IP-08 Phase-4 snapshot vote is now live!

Please hop over there and give this proposal a vote!


[1IP-08] Simple diversification mechanism for 1inch DAO Treasury has officially passed!

Final results were 12.23M votes in favor of the proposal, and 0 votes against the proposal.

I will update this thread once the new treasury diversification strategy has been implemented.


1IP-08 has been implemented!

All the backend work is done, so next time one of the whitelisted tokens is collected as Swap Surplus revenue, it will be sent directly to the treasury!

I’ll update this thread as soon as I notice one of these transactions occur.

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The first 1IP-08 transactions went through on Friday. Our treasury is now starting to add ETH, wETH, wBTC, DAI and USDT!

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