[1IP-0] 1inch Improvement Proposal Template

This proposal template is split into two sections. The first is a code block that can be copy/pasted into your Phase-3 post. Before submission, the poll end date should be set to 5 days from today, the poll options should be updated, and all categories should be filled out. Below the code block is an example of what the template itself will look like.

[poll type=regular results=always close=2020-11-18T17:45:00.000Z]
* In favor of this proposal.
* Against this proposal.

[Phase-2 Post](https://update-this-to-point-to-your-phase-2-forum-post)


## Title
Title should reflect the content of the 1IP. 

For the forum post, prefix “[1IP-#]” to the title (replace # with the lowest available proposal number) and set the tag on the post to Phase-2. 

## Simple Summary
A brief, high-level summary of what changes are being suggested. Summary should be a single sentence, or a bulleted list.

## Abstract
Abstract is a multi-sentence (short paragraph) technical summary. This should be a very terse and human-readable version of the motivation and specification sections. Someone should be able to read only the abstract to get the gist of what this specification does.

## Motivation
The motivation section should describe the "why" of this 1IP. What problem does it solve? Why should someone want to implement this standard? What benefit does it provide to the 1inch Network or protocols? What use cases does this 1IP address?

## Specification 
The specification section should describe the syntax and semantics of any new feature, or change, at a technical level. The specification should be detailed enough to allow for implementation by a development team.

## Rationale
The rationale fleshes out the specification by describing what motivated the design and why particular design decisions were made. It should describe alternate designs that were considered, and explain why the proposed specification provides the most amount of net benefit.

## Considerations
All 1IPs must contain a section that discusses the security and governance implications/considerations of the proposal.

Security specific implications/considerations include security-relevant design decisions, concerns, implementation-specific guidance and pitfalls, drawbacks, an outline of threats and risks and how they are being addressed, etc.

Governance specific implications/considerations include impact on revenue stream, cost to treasury, voting process, staking, tokenomics, etc.
  • In favor of this proposal.
  • Against this proposal.

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Stage 1 Post


A brief, high-level summary of what changes are being suggested


A more detailed summary describing the changes that are being suggested.


Describe what problems are being solved with this proposal and what value is being added.


This is where all details should be laid out explaining what changes changes should be made at a technical level.


List out the main benefits of this proposal and what positive effects this will have on the system.


Discuss any drawbacks that may be a result of the proposed change


This is not bad. Weldon!
I must also add that 1IP should be more technical and must engage the community such that at the end of every 1ip vote, there must be a consensus on the agreed improvement!
I shall submit a 1inch Improvement Proposal Template Update for the community to access and consider!

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