1inch Token holders should also receive chi gas tokens. Thoughts?

The people who have 1inch tokens staked should also receive rewards in the form of gas tokens (the 1inch gas tokens) as well… Or some sort of airdrop for the members that have been staked longer, or from a certain date… I have to say that the fees for using 1inch have killed me in the past… im not sure why but the fees always seem higher than other places (uniswap, etc) so we should either lower the fees somehow or provide stakers with chi gas tokens as a reward… thoughts?


When people do transactions, there should be a small fee hidden inside each transaction that is recorded and then ends up being credited back to the transaction address… so every time we use 1inch and buy or sell or trade or whatever, we end up getting rewards of Chi gas tokens, later on and because of those previous transactions??


I really agree with it. The gas fees is to high compared the other places. Also I just realized that the gas limit is increased too. I wanna move my LP from the old one to the new one, but I see that gas limit is increased to 600000 now. I remember that gas limit is less than 600000 at the past.


Also I think it was fair to those who exchanged tokens in 2020. I myself paid a great deal of fees and I think gas in a similar amount would be advisable for all those who received airdrop. It would drive the entire 1inch. exchange and exchange for 1inch which resulted in a much higher value of 1inch and snowball effect for this token not to mention a good attitude for old users


The Whole Story here revolves around not only benefitting the community that holds 1inch token as a trust towards the 1inch foundation but also the old/new users that are not holding but also using swaping or providing fair amount of liquidity in 1inch . Few things i’d like to add -

  1. More longer you hold the tokens more rewards in form of gas fee reduction will be granted . Every 5 months this time will reset & if you complete a 5 month time staking your token without unstaking them in between , you’ll be given a special reward .

  2. The reward at the end could be anything like giving back 50% all the fees that you have done via 1inch exchange in form of chi or 1inch & these tokens will be available to you not at once but will be unlocked with a time under a month or so . This is to prevent the dumping of token .

  3. By providing incentives or gas fee discounts we can actually encourage more users to participate in 1inch governance


That Part! it makes on sense to ask for governance participation if it doesn’t benefit?

Well that’s just an idea or may be you can turn it into something that gives 1inch more outlook rather than just being only a governance token forever Like a Multi - Usage . Although there must be some legal concerns in doin’ so that only team can tell


Yeah like it holds a token value plus maybe a chia discount?

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Well of all Usecase of 1inch , Whole Community is discussing the same stuff in this POST -


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