1inch Nft airdrop to its volume swapper

1inch should give nft drop to our swap user ,and you should give nft drop to between 1million$ to 10m$ volume swapper,or as your wish what volume you need for wl ,this time 1inch is brand in defi aggregator,so its should be own nft of 1inch,that will be good branding for you nft wallet.


That is a great idea, so can we use our Unstoppable Domain names for our NFT’s

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or 1inch should give top 10k volume user should get 1 nft per wallet ,and evety nft should be unique.

Interesting idea for sure. dYdX did something similar recently, were you thinking something like this?

dYdX issued free (user just pays gas fees) limited edition NFTs that have some utility (reduce fees on platform) – Introducing Hedgies. It was a lot of work to set up for them, but it seems to have been a success seeing as those Hedgies are actively being sought after.

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simple nfts are jus fad , wht we really need is next generation of nfts

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I like the utility aspect, too. The Hedgie NFTs had at least some utility – it reduced the fees that holders had to pay to make trades on their platform.

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1inch 10k nft should be to much utility ,holder should get 25% gas fees discount in all transactions with limited $ of gas pay should rebate (10$ max per transaction),1inch nft holder can participate in governance,we can enter in metaverse with uniqe id of its nft,and nft should have some % of rolyality to inch foundation,
its means every user want to hold this nft without selling.
,it should give nft to top 10k volume user or minimum criteria for getting nft should be 1 to 5m$ volume in 1nch in per wallet

I think the best utility would be no gas and or Minting fees for all liquidity providers and Stakers. I believe the Layer 2 solutions will help during heavy minting periods for NFTS, but at the end of the day the same amount of Power,energy consumption as the layer 1… Web 3 can utilize the domain names for the NFT minting. if you have ENS, UDS, TNS , then free minting should occur …thoughts?

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