1inch Network DAO -- Snapshot Delegate Thread

Snapshot Delegate Application Thread


As the 1inch Network DAO grows, it is important that we can streamline all aspects of the voting process. With the incorporation of Snapshot voting last year, DAO participants have had the capability to delegate their voting weight to other users (see our documentation site for more on how the process works – Voting Process | 1inch Network).

One of the main advantages of vote delegation is that it allows 1INCH holders to allot their voting power to more informed or active governance participants (people who want to hold 1INCH for the longterm, but do not have the availability to follow every happening within the project). These are the delegators.

There are also advantages of delegation for people in the opposite camp – ones who closely follow progress of the 1inch Protocol, are active participants in the 1inch DAO, and want more voting weight. These people have a clear vision of where they want to see the protocol move towards, and they want to serve as representatives for the voting power allotted by others. These are the delegatees.

The purpose of this thread is to create a single repository where all delegatees can post their information and make a pitch to the 1inch Network DAO community.

Delegatee Application

Applications should be made as replies in this thread and follow this template:

  • Governance Forum Username – Link this to your profile.
  • Discord Username – include the numbers after the #.
  • Ethereum Address – ENS (.eth) name works, too.
  • Voting Record – Link to the Boardroom page of your address.
  • Delegate Pitch (optional) – A short blurb about your experience and values that will let people decide if your vote represents their interests. You can further break this down into subcategories like “Web3 Qualifications”, “Values”, etc…

Delegation Guide

See our 1inch Help Center Article for a complete how-to on Snapshot delegation:


I’ll kick this off by using myself as an example:

Note – All statements below are made by me personally. They are not statements made by any of the 1inch entities and should not be construed as such.

RoundElephant Snapshot Delegation Application

Governance Forum UsernameRoundElephant

Discord Username – RoundElephant#2653

Ethereum Address0x824732D3F4Eb94a20254cca9DE10485Ce445Bb40 | roundelephant.eth

Voting RecordBoardroom Management Portal

Delegate Pitch:

  • Web3 / Crypto Qualifications – I’ve been interested in crypto for the better part of a decade, but didn’t start to actively follow the DeFi space until early 2019. That year, I became an active participant of the online Ethereum community (mostly reddit). While I don’t have the programming skills of a lot of people in this sphere, I understand enough to have a high level discussion of projects. My go-to sources of crypto news are Anthony Sassano’s Daily Gwei podcast, IntoTheEther, Bankless, and Zero Knowledge podcast. Since November 2021, I’ve been a Community Manager for the 1inch Protocol and have been working towards the full decentralization of all aspects of the protocol.

  • Values – The health of the 1inch Network, full decentralization of the 1inch Protocol, growth of the 1inch Protocol, and sustainable value/utility of the $1INCH token. I’d give all of those values equal weight as I believe they are interdependent (e.g. the $1INCH token will have more utility/value if the 1inch Protocol grows to fit newly emerging niches). I am longterm focused, so all votes made by me will take into account the future ramifications of the decisions in the years to come.


Belac Snapshot Delegation Application

Governance Forum UsernameBelac

Discord Username – Belac#8204

Ethereum Address0xA8Ed85b1d441Da00270eCc6dc3600f3CBa9D4A03

Voting RecordBoardroom Management Portal

Delegate Pitch:

  • Web3 / Crypto Qualifications – I started my crypto journey by using faucets, exploring the technology and finally building a mining rig. After that, I got into DeFi and Ethereum finding about 1inch shortly after it’s launch at the end of 2019. After using the protocol for a while, I got brought onto the team and have expanded my knowledge of the protocol, web3, DeFi, and Ethereum in general. I act as tech support and always happy to share my knowledge. I’m ready to watch 1inch Network grow to new heights and I’d be happy to be a delegate to vote in line with what I believe is best for the protocol.

  • Values – I believe I can represent the users of this protocol since I hear all sides of users day in and day out. The decentralization of 1inch is a great next step forward for the protocol to let the users promote their ideas and influence the future of the protocol. I’m excited to see more decentralized protocols developed giving value and use to the community and the $1INCH token.


Natalia Shapshot Delegation Application

Governance Forum Username - Natalia

Discord Username - Natalia | 1inch#9305

Ethereum Address - nattop.eth

Voting Record - Boardroom Management Portal

Delegate Pitch:

  • Web3 / Crypto Qualifications – I first came in touch with blockchain tech back in 2017 while doing research for my thesis in political science, and the prospects that decentralization potentially opens got me hooked. In 2019, I was among the organizers of Token Engineering Global Gathering in Berlin, which was largely an introduction to the DeFi space for me. Since 2020, I’ve been applying my knowledge of blockchain and DeFi at 1inch where, as the support and community lead, my task is to bridge the two worlds – the project’s development team and its users.

  • Values – I know 1inch inside out and I also know the project’s community very well. Based on that knowledge, I strongly believe that 1inch’s future is in decentralization and greater transparency. Efficient governance tools for the community that gradually lead to complete decentralization will make 1inch a much stronger project, while also helping to foster the entire DeFi space.


Tradersnow’s Shapshot Delegation Application

Governance Forum Username - tradersnow

Discord Username - tradersnow | 1inch#1095

Ethereum Address - 0x525642c2DE6717d3f825BaB970D65DeB388FB370

Voting Record - Boardroom Management Portal

Delegate Pitch:

  • Web3 / Crypto Qualifications – Since early 2017, crypto and decentralized
    blockchains have been the primary focus in both my professional and personal life. My introduction to this industry was hands-on. It occurred through an international real estate deal, which the buyer and I completed p2p through a smart contract client. Shortly after that deal, I began working full-time as a technical support lead and content developer for BitBay, continuing through the 2018/19 bear market.

    I discovered 1inch during DeFi summer of 2020, and instantly fell in love with project and the team behind it. In early 2021, I was hired on to help with tech support and have been 110% focused on the project ever since. Having personally interacted with thousands of users via 1inch support channels (and continuing to do so daily), my perspective on users’ needs is continuously being shaped.

  • Values - Long-term strategic growth and further decentralization of 1inch Network and its protocols. These qualities are interdependent with the 1inch DAO’s ability to adapt to a dynamic landscape of volatility, regulation, and a wide variety of other external demands.

    As an aggregator, 1inch Network is in a unique position to integrate with every facet of the new financial world (and beyond). It is my goal to help the 1inch DAO fulfill this current trajectory and ensure a sustainable future for ALL participants. All votes from my address will reflect these values.


Calling all 1inch DAO members!

I just wanted to reiterate that this thread is open to everyone!

Anyone can be a delegate. There are no requirements (you don’t even need st1INCH in that address).

Right now, it seems that all of the people who put themselves forward as delegates are pretty closely aligned with the 1inch Foundation. It’s not a bad thing, but it would be an awesome thing to see some active DAO members with different points of view put themselves forward as delegates. More decentralization is a good great thing and we should take steps towards it at any point we can.

Paging: @Genkai.Shogun @Roxan @ma70_supra @brucelee, and anyone else who likes to actively keep up on 1inch Governance.

No pressure though :wink:


That’s the only reason why i’ve proposed [1IP-#] 1inch DAO Meta-Governance Delegation ⏹ Governance Booster


Governance Forum Username: Doo_StableNode, bobbay_stablenode
Discord Username: Doo#3219, bobbay#4885
Ethereum Address: stablelab.eth

Voting Record: Boardroom Management Portal

Our vision for 1inch Network:

1INCH has established itself as the leading DEX aggregation platform within DeFi. StableNode is interested in supporting 1INCH in implementing governance processes and frameworks that encourage transparency, voter participation, and community engagement.

We look forward to supporting 1inch Network in implementing lean and sustainable frameworks that will allow the governance of the protocol to flourish. With our expertise, both practical and research, we believe that we can support 1inch in successfully decentralizing further as outlined in the 1inch governaxnce overview.

Delegate Pitch:

StableLab under StableNode is a governance research and product development company. Using research and hands-on experience we aim to advance standards in decentralized governance. Our team has been in the space for many years, both in research and as core contributors to protocols such as MakerDAO.

We are focused on supporting protocols to reach a safe and sustainable level of decentralization. There is no one-size-fits-all approach but a framework of principles and tools that we have built with our experience. 1inchis at an important stage of decentralization and we look forward to supporting the protocol in further developing their governance system.

Web3 / Crypto Qualifications: StableLab and its members contribute to various protocols’ governance. We are currently the largest Recognized Delegate at MakerDAO, the largest at InstaDapp, top 3 in Element Finance, Balancer, and many others.

We are one of the leading professional delegate organizations and are active participants in every protocol where we are delegates. A majority of our delegation comes from the community.

Our Web3 Interests:

DAOs, DeFi, Governance, Data and Analytics, Social Impact

Our skills and expertise:

Governance and Growth

With our experience, we have developed a systematic and robust approach to governance. Creating principles that optimize the objective outcome of the decision-making process is key to successful governance.

Languages we speak/write:

en, ko, da, de, es, zh, dk

What voters can expect from StableNode:

  • Active: We participate in every aspect of the governance process, ranging from presenting proposals, providing feedback in the forums, and active voting.
  • Diligent: We provide clear and transparent reasonings for each of our votes, which are backed by a mix of research and practical experience.
  • Trust: Unbiased and Transparent. We act according to our public code of conduct, driven by a strong set of ethics and values.
  • Research: Each of our votes are backed by thorough research, experiments, and insight from various sources.

Conflicts of Interest:

StableNode acts as delegates on other protocols. All of our governance participation is public.