1Inch LP pages need to have LP link tabs

I believe it would be very beneficial to the 1inch community, and for new investors as well (both veterans and newbs), for the farm page to have the LP links on each of the LP options… Anywhere that requires you to stake LP tokens should have the link right there. And possibly even have the tabs numbered. So “1. Get Liquid! 2. Deposit LP 3. Collect Reward”… etc…

The page needs to make it easy for anyone to get involved and this will allow a majority of people (some, who end up giving up because they are overwhelmed by what and where to get these lps) to be able to succesfully get into the platform. Also, when staking or depositing tokens, there should be a message that pops up telling people the benefits of each individual token or lp they are investing in. And the best way to maximize their positions. (hold longer= more rewards) etc… We dont want to baby people but we dont want to alienate people who could be throwing in their “long run” dollars to invest.

If ya’ll agree or like the ideas, gimme some likes dam1t! LOL.

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IMO people should do their own research. 1INCH is not in the business of giving investment advice…

Maybe you could write this up? I’m not sure a popup is a place to inform about all the intricacies of liquidity mining though.

yea i wouldnt mind doing that. or making a video, who knows. is there a way to apply to do this and get paid in 1inch?! if its done properly, or in conjuction with the 1inch team, to put the texts and videos into a section on the page? what do you all think and how do we setup a proposal?