1Inch & GeoDB Integration

As a feature of GeoCash and its mainnet launch, the app will be soon offering multi-token support. To ease the experience for its users, GeoCash will allow the user to exchange any of his/her tokens to virtually any pair that has a pair on any DEX , by integrating 1inch.exchange‘s public API into the app.

1inch.exchange offers a public API that allows the user to build highly complex transactions with just a call of its API. More specifically, GeoCash will make use of Quote / Swap - 1inch API to allow its users to swap any token in his/her wallet, including GeoDB Coin, helping the general DeFi landscape by onboarding new users.

GeoCash will feature a special screen where the user will be able to see available tokens, connect to 1inch.exchange API & smart contracts, simulate a swap and report the user on estimated fees for the swap he/she is willing to execute, and finally run the transaction on the blockchain, providing him/her of a decentralized mean to exchange the GeoDB Coins received as part of our rewards protocol and netting a profit, bringing one more layer of usability to its user base, and easing the path to GeoDB ‘s liquidity programs thanks to 1inch.exchange ‘s technology.

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