1inch DAO: Governance Proposal Contest is Now Live

The 1inch DAO Governance Proposal contest is now live on Layer3!

This is the contest mentioned during last Friday’s 1inch Community Call #3 with Brandon from Layer3.

DAO members have 3 weeks to post a formal proposal to the 1inch governance forum. Upon conclusion, the top 3 proposals will be awarded 200 $1INCH each . Please refer to the 1inch Layer3 contest, linked above, for contest details and selection criteria.

Please use this thread, or the 1inch Discord’s #governance channel, for any questions related to the contest!


Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit their proposal under the Layer3 contest! The level of quality and effort is astounding.

We should be announcing the winners on Friday!

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A huge thanks to everyone who participated in the Layer3 1inch DAO Governance Proposal contest! I think I can speak for every 1inch DAO member when I say that the level of discussion on the governance forum over the last 3 weeks was incredible💯 . Needless to say, selecting the winners among all of the entrants was a challenging task.

Layer 3 contest winners in alphabetical order:

:trophy: @0xBaer with their Grants proposal ([1IP-8] 1inch Community Grants Program) — This proposal was clear and complete. It provided actionable steps towards greater decentralization :robot:

:trophy: @Genkai.Shogun with Treasury proposal ([ TIP ] Self - Earning DAO Engine V1.0) — This proposal got an immense amount of community engagement and had DAO participants talking about it across all channels :speaking_head:

:trophy: @Roxan with their Delegation proposal ( [1IP-#] 1inch DAO Meta-Governance Delegation ⏹ Governance Booster) — Roxan showed an immense amount of dedication to the proposal by responding to every piece of feedback and incorporating suggestions as the proposal evolved! Their level of commitment was off the charts :chart_with_upwards_trend:

:money_mouth_face:Each winner will be rewarded with 200 1INCH. And don’t worry if you didn’t win this round, this is just the beginning :eyes: