1INCH BNB farming

I’m in the 1INCH BNB pool but i see that i can also deposit those tokens on the farm. But when i do so i see that i provide 0 LP to the pool.

Should be do both Pool and farming or only pool? i want those 1000% :slight_smile:


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It seems both: 1inch Exchange: How to Add Liquidity & Farm to Earn Massive APY Return - YouTube

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so this means that we are not losing those “get a share of 0.01% of the $1INCH total supply!” right?

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i’m not clear i don’t see earning in the pool after farming


it was confirmed on Discord that you get both

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Thanks for the question I was wondering the same.

Maybe a stupid question, but where can I see the earnings I made from the pool?


Have you put your LP on Farming tap? you can see them there, even you can claim your reward there too

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same…where kind i see the farming rewards? i just see that my liquidity balance drops every second without the rewards…

answer: Discord


You can see them on farming tap, Open DAO, then open farming. But if you do not farming your LP then you have no reward to claim

When I deposit farming I see my returns that are 47% . But how to see rewards for Liquidity that are 1000% and how to claim them ?

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Is there a way to see a pool analytics (liquidity, fees) like on uniswap.info?

I can see my 1inch farming rewards on the farming tab but I can’t see my pool rewards. In the pool my BNB/1inch distribution changed so I think I can calculate the liquiditiy pool rewards myself but on most exchanges you can also see how much you made in dollars and percentages. Not sure this is also possible on 1inch?

1000% APY = 240.57 APR / 365 =0.65 daily rate. You must remember the you are supplying LP tokens, not dollars. your LP tokens are compounding @ 0.65% daily. If the dollar value of your LP tokens is falling more than 0.65% per day the dollar value is falling. Patience: The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

liquidity providing bi trebalo biti plaćeno u BNB - bacause fees paying is in BNB and farming in 1inch. I also dont see BNB fee rewards

Yes it would be nice if 1inch pools were integrated on yield watch so we could track our earnings.


How do you switch liquidity pools? It won’t let me withdraw my BNB/1inch liquidity.